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Authentic Confederate Manufactured or Used Swords and Firearms of the Civil War
PALMETTO STATE! Cased Tranter Revolver From T.W. Radcliffe of Columbia, SC
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If you collect South Carolina items, then this is a must have! This is a rare gun and a great looking display! The gun itself is the classic style cartridge revolver made under the patent of William Tranter. It is the version of pistol that fires a bullet of .382 caliber or as they referred to it in England a 80 bore size. Tranter made many fine quality designs and guns including some from during the Civil War. This one would fall into production that would date during the Civil War because of the design and it still fires nonmetallic cartridges. The side of the frame has the "W. TRANTER'S PATENT" stamp as well as the serial number of 118,451. The loading lever side has the Tranter's Patent mark as well. As you can see the gun still retains a nice amount of the original factory bluing on both sides of the frame, trigger guard and grip cap. The mechanics of the gun still work crisply after all of these years. On the handle of the gun it has the beautiful original 1-piece wood grips intact. They are attractive with the smooth sides as you can see in the images. Along the top of the full-length 4-1/2 inch barrel it is engraved by the retailer "T.W. RADCLIFFE COLUMBIA, SC". This is a rare and desirable retailer marking. In the Confederate Shotgun book, they have some information on the firm. Thomas Weldon Radcliffe, Sr. (1812-1870) ran a fine good business in Columbia and also served in the 15th Confederate South Carolina Infantry. They even had an image of Radcliffe in uniform. It also has the original front sight intact on the barrel. On the right-hand side of the frame, the gun has the original lever style safety intact and it is fully functional. Most of the time this piece has been removed long ago. The gun is accompanied by an original factory casing for a Tranter style revolver. The beautiful wood case measures 13 inches wide and is 7-1/2 inches deep and stands 2-3/8ths inches tall. The inside of the case is lined with green felt. Inside the case it has the correct Tranter marked bullet mold as well as an original Tranter marked lubrication container and tranter tin of factory bullets. It has a post war period tin of percussion caps. There is also an original cleaning rod, nipple wrench, oiler, flask and three keys. They look nice with the set as you can see in the images. You get the South Carolina marked pistol, the case and the accessories for $6850.

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