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Swords that we Know who Owned them
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Brigadier General Isham N. Haynie's Presentation Sword -48th Illinois
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It isn't often that you get a chance to own an original Civil War General's sword but here is your chance! This is a gorgeous sword and we know who carried it! This is the scarce version of Civil War sword that is known as the Model 1860 staff & field officer's sword. Most of this pattern were made after the Civil War but not this one. The back side of the grip has the folding clam shell style guard and the inscription is what makes this one extra special. In jeweler quality engraving, it proudly reads "PRESENTED BY FRIENDS AND MEMBERS OF THE BAR TO BRIGADIER GENERAL ISHAM N. HAYNIE". The records show that m Nicholas Haynie was born near Dover, Tennessee on November 18th 1824 but his family moved to Marion, County, Illinois in about 1830. He worked on a farm in his younger years to make enough money to study law. He left his legal career to serve in the Mexican War. After that War, he returned to serve in the Illinois state legislature and was an elector for Stephen Douglas in 1860. Haynie was appointed as Colonel of the 48th Illinois Infantry early in the War. He commanded that regiment during the Battle of Fort Donelson. He received the blame for a failed assault during the battle. His second test of battle would be as part of general McClernand's Division near Shiloh Church at the Battle of Pittsburg Landing. The regiment had 50% casualties and he received a severe wound in the left thigh. He returned to duty in January of 1863under his friend John Logan. He was appointed as a Brigadier General but the Senate failed to confirm his nomination (He and Lincoln were not buddies). In March of 1863 he resigned and returned to Illinois and politics. He was appointed Adjutant general of the Illinois State Militia. Haynie passed away on May 22nd 1868 in Springfield, Illinois. As for the sword itself, the diamond shaped blade is full-length at 31 inches. At the base of the blade, it has the Keystone stamping that is associated with swords made by the Emerson & Silver Company of Trenton, New Jersey. On the other side of the blade base, it has the etched retailers marking of the firm of "VIRGIL PRICE & CO. / NEW YORK". This retailer mark also helps us date the sword to his Civil War service. Price was in business with N.O. Benjamin until August of 1861. This sword was almost surely purchased from Price while he was recovering from his wounds and would have been expecting his promotion to be approved. So it would have been during that December 1862, January 1863 timeframe. The rest of the blade has beautiful factory etching as well as a fine amount of the frosting remaining. The handguard of the sword is cast brass with the massive applied cast brass Union eagle with finely detailed chisel work. The brass parts still retains some of the original factory gold gilding in the protected areas. The grip itself is crafted from a beautiful single piece of ebony wood with the smooth surface. The sword is accompanied by the original steel and brass scabbard. The body of the scabbard still retains the majority of the factory finish under a pleasing dark patina. The brass throat, mounts, rings and boot style drag are intact on the scabbard as well. This is a wonderful sword with a very interesting history!

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