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Authentic Confederate Manufactured or Used Swords and Firearms of the Civil War
CONFEDERATE! "Z" Marked Barnett of London Marked Civil War Enfield Rifle
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This is a good looking gun that has a cool story! It is an original Civil War Enfield pattern military rifle. The barrel is full-length at 39 inches and has a great dark color and look. At the breech you can see the correct London style proof marks. It has the original front and sight intact and the rear one has been gone for eons. The lockplate has the desirable maker's mark of the Barnett firm of London. People have always collected the Barnett made weapons because they are known to have made some of the weapons that were imported for use by the Confederacy. The lockplate has the "BARNETT LONDON" stamp. Behind the hammer it is one of the ones that were made without the British crown stamp. The action cocks back into both positions nicely. The stock has a wonderful ancient look to the wood. This wood was nice enough to have been used on any fine piece of English furniture. In front of the buttplate it has the desirable marking of "TS" inside the circle that is believed to be Confederate by many. This is marking is noted in the wonderful book , The English Connection on page 116. They note that this stamp is almost identical in size to the "CH1" stamping on Confederate Enfields. The sling swivels are intact on the underside of the guns. It has the original Enfield ramrod in the channel under the barrel. Other than the sling swivels, the gun is complete and untouched. What makes this one extra special is one simple letter stamping. In front of the triggerguard it has the block letter "Z". Research now lets us know that this is the marking where a gun was captured and re-issued by the Confederacy. There is a similar marking in the center of the cover of the new book by Captain Steven W. Knott entitled "Captured and Collected" Confederate Reissued Firearms. He explains how these guns were captured and then cleaned and repaired by Confederate workshops and then reissued to arm the Confederates during the War. It is believed that this letter "Z" stands for Captain Louis Zimmer who was assigned to the Richmond Arsenal / Artillery Workshop. Another neat thing about this gun is that in several places where the owner stamped his name "F. Glover" in a nice block letter pattern. When I looked the name up, there were a few Confederate soldiers with the last name Glover and the first initial "F" so we can't say for sure but we can narrow the choices down to a few guys. This is a great looking Enfield pattern rifle made by the famous Barnett Company of London.

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