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Single Shot Pistols or Multi-Shot Revolvers in the Flintlock Configuration
Authentic Artifacts from the Revolutionary War Era thru About 1840
Gorgeous Mid-1700's Flintlock Pistol with Great Brass Detail Work
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This is an amazing piece! This is an original flintlock pistol from the mid-1700's that measures a whopping 20-1/2 inches in overall size. This pistol fires a .60 caliber bullet from the full-length 13-1/2 inch round barrel. The barrel has the original brass blade sight by the muzzle. The breech of the barrel has the large brass inlay. The gun metal display beautifully with the varnished walnut stock. The stock has the moulded detailed Germanic style with the floral motifs. At the end of the barrel, it has the polished born nose cap with a wonderful ancient look. The dark wood ramrod with the polished horn cap is present under the barrel. It has all of the original brass fittings including faceted ramrod pipes with entry pipe terminating in acanthus leaves. The brass of the triggerguard as well as the "skullcrusher"-type grip cap has the grotesque face design. When you look at the sidepate on the stock you see that it is the ornate skeletonized sideplate with the serpent style head on one end. It has the flat faceted lockplate with broad floral engravings with beautiful floral and geometric patterns. The mechanics of the lockplate catch on both of the positions. It is in the original flintlock configuration. This is a great looking flintlock pistol from before the American Revolution timeframe. It is a great looking very large pistol with a ton of character.

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