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Swords Used by the Officers Priced at Over $750
Edged Weapons
Beautiful 1780 to 1800 Dress Sword with Superb Blue & Gold Blade
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This is a wonderful high quality sword from the Revolutionary War era. It has the full-length blade that measures 30-3/4ths inches. The tri-sided blade has the nice dark gray tone with the original engraving at the base of the blade. The etching is highlighted at the factory with the fire blue and gold gilding. At the base of the blade it has the "Abruah DuSellig" and the motto "La. Fin Kowionne L'oevne" This was a very high quality piece when it was new. This sword would be from the Revolutionary War era or just after and was made from about 1780 until about 1800 and was likely made in Amsterdam. The hand guard and grip are made of finely crafted iron that was design to appear to be heavily jeweled. It now has a with a wonderful gray color to the metal. The silver is finely crafted with the geometric designs. The crossguard has the pierced metal that is designed to look like almost a sunburst. It has the remnants of the original red washer intact. The grip of the sword has the original silvered iron intact with a fine look all over. Most of the time these swords are broken and repaired but this one is beautiful. This is a great looking sword that is in superb shape for being over 200 years old. It will make a wonderful Revolutionary War era sword for your relic room.

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