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Swords Used by the Artillery Branch of Service
Scarce Last Year Production 1862 Dated Ames Artillery Sword With Belt
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This is one of the rarest pieces you will ever get a chance to own. This is the final year of production for one of the most distinctive swords in American history. This is the original Civil War era short pattern artillery sword. These were patterned after the Roman gladiator swords with the fierce look like you see in the movies. The blade is full-length with the desirable scroll style maker's mark of the Ames Manufacturing Company of Chicopee, Massachusetts on the back of the blade. These were made by Ames from 1832 until 1862. The front of the blade has the "US" stamp with the production date of "1862". This date is important because it is the final year of production of this famous pattern of American artillery sword. According to the Ames Book they only ordered 1,000 of them and there were only 300 of that order delivered with the final delivery being made on May 24th 1862. It also has the "GGS" initials of the Ordnance of sub-inspector that approved the sword for military service, George G. Saunders on the crossguard and drag of the scabbard. The handle is made of cast brass and has the fish scale design with the droop wing eagle at the top of the pommel. The sword is still accompanied by an original and correct leather and brass scabbard. The leather is solid as you can see and the brass has a very pleasing mellow tone all over. As if that wasn't enough, it is accompanied by the original belt. The belt is made of the fine quality black bridle leather. It uses the classic rectangular eagle belt buckle. The buckle itself is made of the cast brass with the applied German silver wreath still being completely intact. On the back of the buckle it has the assembly number "795" stamped into the brass. The keeper has the non-matching "175" number but they look beautiful together. The leather still has a very attractive look all over. This is a very nice looking final year of production 1862 Dated Ames artillery short sword and scabbard. In our 30+ years in the business this is only the 3rd one of the 1862 dated artillery swords and only the 2nd we have had with the original belt.

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