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Authentic Confederate Manufactured or Used Swords and Firearms of the Civil War
Edged Weapons
Spectacular Columbia, South Carolina Version Confederate Cavalry Saber
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WOW! This is the most attractive one of this pattern Confederate cavalry sabers I've encountered. This is the pattern of cavalry saber for an enlisted rebel that was manufactured in Columbia, South Carolina. This particular sword was sold by Shannon Pritchard in 2009 and is accompanied by his letter where he makes the comment that "... is the best example that I have personally examined." He states earlier in the letter that there is a marked example that is know which is how we know where it was made and by whom. This one is completely unmarked. It has the full-length 34 inch blade with a gorgeous untouched look. It has the single fuller gong down each side. The are three shallow nicks along the edge, just enough to know it saw service. Where the blade meets the brass of the handguard, it has the original thick leather washer intact. The hand guard of the sword itself has the classic 3 branches for an enlisted cavalry trooper. The large brass pommel cap is intact and tight as a tick. The handle of the sword has the wooden core intact as well as all of the russet leather. The double twisty brass wire is still tightly intact with a fantastic look. You can tell that these swords were produced by need and not for style. It is fierce and functional Confederate weapon. The sword is accompanied by the original iron and brass scabbard. It has the very distinctive Douglas style drag made of thick brass. The mounts are made of brass and they have both of the rings intact. In Shannon's letter he notes how one of the rings appears to be a period correct replacement. At the top of the scabbard, it has the original brass throat solidly intact. This piece of history came from the museum like personal collection of Mathew Woodburn. This is an exception piece of War Time Confederate manufacture from the Palmetto State.

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