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Cavalry & Horse Equipment - Spurs & Stirrups
Misc. Non-Excavated
MASSIVE! Large Size Eagle Head Officer's Spur with Sheldon Maker Marking
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Here is a very fine non-excavated fine quality cavalry spur. These is the larger version of the spur that is pictured and described on page 109 of the fine spur book by Dr. Bob Baird entitled Confederate, US and Other Civil War Used Spurs. He explains how these are referred to as "Box Heel Spurs" and that they were designed with the projection or "Key" that comes out of the back of the spur. They are designed to slide into the box that was made into the heel of the spur. This has the "SHELDON" mark on the side markings on the "Key". He explains how this is a spur of the style that is made with the entire rowel neck being applied to the body of the spur. The sides are designed like the wings of the eagle with the head making up the rowel neck portion. The eagle feathers are very detailed as you can see. The original iron rowel is still present and it turns freely just as it should. This is a beauty from all angles! The last couple of images show the massive size of this spur compared to the one that is pictured in the book, which is the standard size. This is a great looking spur!

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