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LOUISIANA! Amazing Hick's Made Bowie Knife with "LOUISINA TIGARS"
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The boys from Louisiana have always been one of the hardest fighters but they never said they were perfect at spelling! This is one of the most coveted of all early American side knives. This is one that was part of the first Government contract purchases for knives. The contract was not recorded but they believe that this was the maker. This is the one that was made in Cleveland, Ohio by A.G. Hicks. It was designed to be issued to riflemen of the U.S. Army in the 1830's. The handle of the knife is made of a single piece of wood with the brass added to protect and reinforce the wood. On one side of the the clear maker stamping of "A.G. HICKS / MAKER / CLEV'D O.". On the other side one of the owners proudly put his own mark into the wood. He carved "LOUISINA TIGARS". The men from the bayou were fierce fighters and the Louisiana Tigers is a name proudly used by the men up to and after the Civil War. The brass piece have some scratches in the metal that appear to be letters but I can't make them out. The handle has the thick brass crossguard and if you notice, one side has 6 small notches intentionally put into the brass. It makes you wonder what they stand for. The knife measures 13-3/4ths inches in overall size with the blade making up 9 of those inches. It is made with a classic spear point design and this one has a gorgeous untouched color. The knife has the original sheath accompanying it. The sheath is leather bodied with the brass drag and one of the top reinforcements still intact. This is an amazing knife from all angles and has more character than a Mark Twain novel.

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