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Non-Dug Items Used by Soldiers and on the Homefront
Misc. Non-Excavated
Extremely Rare Original Pair of Civil War Body Armour Vest Plates
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Have you ever had the opportunity to own one of these? The answer is likely to be no. This is an original pair of the iron plates from a Civil War "bullet proof" vest. That's right they marketed these during the Civil War. This is one of the very few times that we have been able to offer a set that has both matching sides. They are in excellent condition for non-excavated pieces. At the top of the plate they have the stud portion of the shoulder strap still hanging on. One of the straps even has some of the original cloth covering. Each of the plates measures approximately 18-12 inches by 8 inches in overall size. These plates were originally marketed as "Iron Clad Life Preservers" We found a couple of pics of what the pieces looked like when they were new. The one image is borrowed from the Pitt Rivers Museum and you can get more information on them at this site about Civil War Body Armor. Each one was inserted into vest and according to accounts, they were heavy, hot and cumbersome. Because of these traits the soldiers got rid of them as soon as they could. That is why you see to few of them these days. You will likely never get another set of these for your collection so don't miss this set. THIS ITEM IS FEATURED ON OUR SHILOHRELICS YOUTUBE CHANNEL. HERE IS A LINK SO YOU CAN SEE WHY WE THOUGHT IT WAS NEAT ENOUGH FOR A VIDEO: BODY ARMOR

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