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Swords Used by the Officers Priced at Over $750
Edged Weapons
Late War SS Officer Sword Made by Paul Muller at Dachau Concentration Camp
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Here is a scarce sword. This is the dress sword worn by a non-commissioned officer in the German SS, Schutzstaffel from 1935 until 1945.This is one of the late war production versions that was manufactured by Paul Müller at Dachau Concentration Camp. There are some images of where his shop was believed to have been on the Western side of the camp complex. As for the sword itself it is a simple design with a bade that measures 31-3/4th inches. AT the base of the blade it has the original leather washer. It is unmarked as is correct for this version of sword. It has the simple "D" style hand guard with the pommel cap that has the distinctive "SS" runes in the center. The handle itself is made of a single piece of polished dark wood. On the blade side of the handguard it has the small stamped "SS" runes that matches with the one on the throat of the scabbard. The scabbard is the simple black painted body with the vast majority of the original paint intact. The drag or chape of the scabbard is unadorned which is one of the ways that we know it was made for a non-commissioned officer instead of an higher ranking officer. It has the throat intact as well as the drag. It also has the mount and ring intact as well as the loop on the back of the mount. The scabbard has some bends but still displays quite well. You can tell by the wear that this one was actually used and is not just a surplus piece. This is a nice looking original Nazi German SS sword & scabbard.

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