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Authentic Confederate Manufactured or Used Swords and Firearms of the Civil War
Edged Weapons
Excellent New Orleans Style Wooden and Brass Handled Bowie Knife
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Here is a very distinctive Confederate weapon for your collection. The exact history of these knives is unknown but it is generally agreed that they were made in New Orleans. These knives originally had a pair of rings on the top side of the handle that could have been finished for fitting on a barrel for use as a bayonet. Most of them had an unfinished interior of the rings that may have been intended to be fitted out by an end-user or armorer to match a specific barrel or staff, though some form of retention hardware would need to be provided. This knife had the rings removed eons ago and the patina is nice and thick all over the brass. The fierce part of the weapon is a large Bowie knife in the archetypical Confederate style, 17-1/4th inches overall with an impressive 12-1/4th inch long clip point blade. The blade is fitted with a fine flat-sided wood handle with the brass furniture. The guard and pommel are both thick and rugged brass with dual "quillions" on both, an upturned hook on the front. Beside the New Orleans attribution, the rest of their history is a matter of some speculation. In Robert Abels' book "Classic Bowie Knives" (page 66) asserts that it was likely intended as a combat knife that could also double as a pike head or bayonet, while Albaugh's "Confederate Edged Weapons" (page 165) suggest that the rings integral to the guard and pommel are too small for an appropriate rifle barrel or pike staff. The Confederates were known to have explored the pike as a combat weapon, as well as having experimented with non-standard bayonets for the variety of sporting rifles and shotguns pressed into combat service. It is accompanied byt he original brass and leather scabbard. The scabbards are almost always missing but this one is gorgeous. It has the brass throat and drag intact and the seam in the center of the back is nice and solid. This is a fierce looking piece that would have been a viscous weapon.

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