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Civil War Documents
Admiral John Dahlgren Morris Island 1863 Letter about the U.S.S. Ironclad Passaic
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Here is a beautifully written letter from the Civil War with a vividly clear autograph of Rear Admiral John A. Dahlgren Letter. This letter is about Rear Admiral John A. Dahlgren aboard the Flag Steamer USS Philadelphia to Lieutenant Commander Edward Simpson commanding the Passaic while in Charleston Harbor dated September 18, 1863. Orders to take the Passaic to Port Royal, South Carolina for repairs.. The letter is has the main body of the letter on one side with the autograph and notations on the next page. The overall size measures 7-3/4ths inches by 9-7/8ths inches and it is written on fine blue reed paper. It has the bold heading from "Flag Steamer Philadelphia" and is dated September 18th 1863. The letter is addressed to Lieutenant Commander Edward Simson. Edward Simpson (March 3, 1824 – December 1, 1888) would go on to rise to the rank of Read Admiral. On the second page of the letter, it has several notes about the ship and is signed in ink by Admiral Dahlgren. The Admiral signs it in ink "J A Dahlgren". and he adds his rank. The letter is accompanied by a modern made xerox image of the two Admirals in Uniform.

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