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Civil War & Earlier Soldier's Belt Buckles in Excavated & Non-E
Rare Rifleman's Belt Buckle for the Model 1855 Rifle From Antietam
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Here is a very scarce piece! It is the original belt buckle for holding the saber bayonet for the U.S. model 1855 rifle. This gun was the 2 band rifle with brass furniture that used the Maynard tape primer system instead of the standard percussion caps. Since the tape primers or the 2 band rifle were not well received they didn't make as many of either so few survive. This is a excavated 4-piece buckle that displays beautifully as you can see. This is the pattern that is illustrated on pages 534 and 535 of the Belt Buckle & Plate book by O'Donnell & Campbell. They tell how they were patterned after a French design of 1847 "Chasseur a pied". The pieces are all in nice excavated condition. One of the centerpieces has the small back side bar that is snapped off at the base, which is why it would have been lost by the soldier. The verbal history that accompanied this piece was that it was recovered from the area of the Battle of Antietam. This is a beautiful original buckle in attractive excavated condition.

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