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Swords Used by the Officers Priced at Over $750
Edged Weapons
Horstmann of Philadelphia Marked Mexican War Era Militia Sword & Scabbard
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Here is a cool early U.S. militia officer's sword with the original scabbard. This is the style with the knight's head pommel cap up at the top. The majority of these knight's head swords were made after the Civil War but this is a nice early version that would have been made in the 1840's through the late 1850's. It has all of the original bone handle present. It has the crossguard that has the acorns on each side. The blade is full-length at 30-34ths inches. When you look at the blade, you can still see a beautiful amount of the etching on each side of the blade. It has the floral and patriotic etching on each side. On the base of the blade back you can see the scroll style maker's mark of the W.H. Horstmann Company of Philadelphia. Horstmann was one of the premiere sword retailers in American in the mid 1800's. The sword is accompanied by the original brass scabbard. The scabbard has both of the original mounts and the three hanger rings. Between the mounts it has the floral style stud so it could be used with a shoulder sling if the soldier so desired. This is a nice early American militia sword and scabbard from the Horstmann Company.

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