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Swords Used by the Officers Priced at Under $750
Edged Weapons
Relic Condition Iron Guard Staff & Field Officer Sword With Eagle & "US" Etched Blade
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This is an odd variation of Civil War staff & field officer's sword. This is the style that was made in Germany and imported for retail sale to well-to-do Union officers. This one has a full-length blade with a darker tone all over. You can see the original engraving on the blade of the sword on each side. On the front side of the blade it has the beautiful spread wing union eagle along with the "E PLURIBUS UNUM" motto of the U.S. On the back of the blade it has a very clear " US" in ornate letters. At the base of the back of the blade you can clearly see the stamp of the production location of Soligen, Germany as well as most of the maker's mark of W. Walscheid. They manufactured many quality edged weapons during the Civil War such as this one. They would be made in Germany and imported to be sold by the quality retailers of the day. These non-regulation staff officer swords usually have the eagle design in the guard but this one is different. They used an English pattern hand guard with the hunting horn design that has the "US" and Union eagle above. This one still has none of the original grip remaining and it is priced accordingly. The sword scabbard has been lost tot eh ages. It is a cool looking and still affordable relic condition staff officer's sword.

Item #: C1158
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