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Authentic Confederate Manufactured or Used Swords and Firearms of the Civil War
Edged Weapons
NEW ORLEANS! Post-Civil War Foot Officer Sword Sold by A.B. Griswold
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Here is a cool looking sword from just after the Civil War. This is a Civil War design model 1850 foot officer sword but with a cool retailer marking. The sword has the classic brass handguard with the floral pattern basket guard. The brass of the handguard and pommel cap have a very pleasing golden tone. It is crafted with a polished horn grip that is wrapped with the double twist brass wire. It has an overall length of 37 inches with the blade making up 30-1/2 of those inches. This interesting sword is French in manufacture and was subsequently imported to the United States for retail sale. The plain blade has a single wide fuller and a secondary fuller near the spine. The spine is stamped, "A.B. Griswold New Orleans." After a brief time operating under the name Thomas Griswold & Co. during the Civil War, A. B. Griswold & Co. became the successor to Hyde & Goodrich in 1865, carrying on the business at the same location. The firm continued the practices of its predecessor: hiring local craftsmen to make custom goods while also contracting with major manufacturers to sell finer quality pieces in New Orleans. On the knuckle bow of the handguard, it has 3 touch marks that read, "L", "B" & "S". It is accompanied by the original scabbard that has the single mount and ring. The scabbard has the original throat and drag still nicely intact. The scabbard retains nearly all of its black painted finish. This is an attractive sword with a neat retailer's marking from the Crescent City.

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