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54th North Carolina Identified Confederate Mobile Edition of Hardee's Rifle Manual Volume II
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Here is an original Civil War tactics manual that turned out to have an interesting history. While at the Franklin Civil War show, a friend of mine brought this book up to the table and I purchased it. When I got it home I did some extra research and found out that it has an interesting history he hadn't found yet. Inside the cover, it has the ancient ink inscription that reads "Lt. Col. George W. Sharpe" and below that is "54th Bat. N.C.". When I searched that name I found an article written by Lane Dyer who was a staff writer for the Wilkes ( County, North Carolina) Record. The author states that " Lieutenant Colonel Sharpe was an officer in the local militia, 54th Battalion of the North Carolina Home Guard in Alexander County. He does not appear to have had any significant experience in combat. He did serve for a short time in the 38th North Carolina Regiment, but was either transferred, or volunteered to be transferred, to the militia in 1862, at the beginning of the war." The article is about how Sharpe attacked a band of renegades in a place they called Fort Hamby. As for the book itself. This is volume 2 of the rifle and light infantry tactics manual that was written just before the war by a brevet Lieutenant Colonel W.J. Hardee. When he initially wrote the book, he was in the U.S. Army but would later go along to be one of the most important generals in the Confederacy. This manual is printed in 1861 in Mobile, Alabama. As you can see this one is heavily used but still retains some of the original pullout diagrams. There is damage to several of the pages which adds to the character of the book. This volume 2 has to do with the instruction of battalions. These books were made at the perfect size to be placed in the pocket of the soldier that was using them. The outside cover measures 5 1/8 inches by 3 1/2 inches in overall size. A printout of Sharpe's service history and a copy of the article. A wonderful piece of Civil War North Carolina Confederate history.

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