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Authentic Carbines
Authentic 1st Model Civil War Gwyn & Campbell Cavalry Carbine
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This is a good looking original Civil War cavalry carbine made by the Gwynn & Campbell Company of Hamilton, Ohio. These Gwyn & Campbell carbines are one of the most easily recognizable weapons of the Civil War. They have the huge sweeping hammer and large triggerguard. This model is often referred to by collectors as the Grapevine carbine because of this sweeping hammer. A total of 8,202 Gwyn & Campbell carbines were acquired on contract by the US Ordnance Department circa 1863-1864. Of those roughly 4,200 were of the "Type I" configuration, although some minor changes were made during the production of the guns, like the adoption of a shorter base ladder rear sight that would become standard on the Type II carbines. This one is serial number D174. The action catches on 1 of the 2 positions with the main spring is extremely weak and fires but without enough strength to pop a cap. The barrel is full-length with the original front sight being intact as well as the complete rear sight which is so often missing in action. On the side of the lockplate you can see traces of the maker mark with "GWYN & CAMPBELL" in an arch and under the arch is "PATENT 1862" and "HAMILTON, O." still visible. In front of the hammer, the frame is marked "UNION RIFLE". The stock is in attractive displaying shape as you can see with some wood filler in spots especially under the lockplate. On the backside of the frame it still has the saddle bar intact as well as the ring itself. This is a nice original Civil War 1st Model Gwyn & Campbell cavalry carbine.

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