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Authentic Carbines
Nice Original Civil War Military Model .50 Caliber Maynard Cavalry Carbine
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This is a good looking and famous Civil War cavalry carbine of the Maynard patent. This is the classic Civil War version of the Maynard cavalry carbine. Just behind the triggerguard is the serial number of 19,119. This is the second model of Maynard carbine. They were made from 1863 until 1865. They manufactured 20,202 of this model with the serial number being continued from the first model. The action works crisply on all positions. The left-hand side of the frame has the Maynard patent mark and the 1851 and 1859 patent dates visible. On the right-hand side of the frame it has the maker's mark of the Massachusetts Arms Company of Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts. On the side of the gun it still has the original saddle ring bar and saddle ring. The barrel is full-length with a very nice amount of the original lands and grooves of the rifling from the factory present and accounted for. The rear sight is intact with the double leaf design and the front sight is present as well. On the left hand side of the barrel breech it has the "S." inspector initials of George W. Sherman. There is some of the original bluing under the patina on the barrel. The stock is a furniture grade piece of dark in tone walnut. The wood has a very pleasing look that you can tell saw service. The walnut wood has a pretty grain and as you can see it has the inspector cartouches still visible on the backside. These stampings are where the gun was approved for military service by the government inspectors. This is a fine looking Civil War Maynard patent cavalry carbine that is complete.

Item #: C500
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