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Swords Used by the Officers Priced at Over $750
Edged Weapons
Horstmann Marked Civil War Naval Officer's Sword & Scabbard with Fine Etched Blade
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This is a classic original Civil War naval officer's sword. Officially known as the U.S. model 1852 naval officer's sword, this is the style that was worn by naval officers during the Civil War. The blade is full length at 28-1/4th inches and is etched on each side with patriotic and other designs. The etching on the back of the blade has anchor towards the middle of the blade with the "USN" on the banner. At the base, it has the Union eagle perched on the cannon. On the front side of the blade it has the vividly clear "W.H. HORSTMANN & SONS PHILADELPHIA" etching. On the other side of the Horstmann mark it has the king's head marking that lets us know that it was made for Horstmann in Solingen, Germany. Many quality edged weapons were made in Europe for private sale to well to do Union officers. It then has the anchor design with the stand of arms above. The guard and pommel cap have always stood apart from the normal Civil War officer's sword. It has the bold "USN" in the basket of the guard and the quillion is made like a serpent's head. At the very top of the pommel cap it has the droop wing style naval eagle. This one has the original sharkskin grip present on the handle with a pleasing look all over. It also has excellent double strand wire flanked by the single strand or wire. It even has the original bullion style sword knot intact. It is worn but accents the sword beautifully. The sword is accompanied by the original scabbard that is made brass and leather. The mounts are the correct naval style with the twisted rope designs leading to the rings. The drag is present and it has the sea serpent design as well. The top mount slides a little but is original and intact. The scabbard is complete and displays quite well. This is an attractive looking original Civil War naval officer's sword and scabbard with a beautiful blade.

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