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WHITNEY'S NEPHEWS! 1826 Dated .69 Caliber Musket by the Blake Brothers
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This is an interesting Civil War musket that has a cool history with this gun. It is an original .69 caliber musket made by the firm of "P.&E.W. BLAKE". When you hear that it doesn't sound important until you hear who they are. They were the nephews of Eli Whitney, the man who invented the cotton gin and was also a gun maker. Upon Eli Whitney's death in January of 1825 the nephews took over the factory and supplied the government contracts until they left the company in 1834. This one has a super clear maker's mark on the lockplate as well as the 1829 production date and the New Haven (Connecticut) production location. The action works on both positions. When this gun left the factory, it would have been produced as a flintlock. The gun was converted to percussion later on using the cone in barrel style of alteration. The barrel is full length at 42 inches. At the breach of the barrel, you can still see traces of the original inspector marks from the factory. It has a deep old look with the wear from service that we like to see in a gun from the War. All of the metal parts of the gun have the thick attic tone all over. The Walnut wood of the stock has a beautiful deep dark color to the wood. On the flat opposite of the lockplate you can still see the cartouche stamp where the gun was approved for military service by the Government inspector. The state used many of these guns throughout the war because it is what they had in the arsenals when the war broke out. Underneath the barrel, it has an original ramrod still present in the channel as well as both of the two sling swivels. The sling swivel still pivots. This is a very nice looking .69 caliber Blake musket with the 1826 production date.

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