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Non-Dug artifacts From The Civil War Era
Misc. Non-Excavated
EXCELLENT! Rare U.S. Model 1859 Cavalry Horse "Breaker" Bit
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This is one of the most painful looking items of the Civil War. This is the variation of the model 1859 cavalry curb bit for a horse. This variation is written about an illustrated on pages 377 and 378 of the book by Dorsey and McPheeters entitled the American Military Saddle, 1776 - 1945. What separates this from most of the bits is the large circular piece that attaches to the port of the bridle bit. When the bet was placed in the horse's mouth the large ring when around the lower jaw of the horse which put huge amounts of pressure on the horse. As you can imagine the horse had little choice besides doing what the rider desired. Over the years we have only had a handful of these bits. This one is 100% complete with all of the rings as well as both of the cast brass "US" bridle rosettes intact. This one is in superb condition. It still retains a fantastic amount of the original factory bluing. This is a superb piece for any cavalry display of the Civil War that you will never have to worry about upgrading.

Item #: C330
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