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CYCLOPS! Extremely Rare Original Oldenberg Model 1849 Military Rifle
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Here is your chance to own one of the rarest of all Civil War military rifles. This is the gun that is known as the Oldenberg Model 1849 military rifle. They made these guns in two different sizes. One has the overall size of 55-1/2 to 56-1/2 inches and the shorter one is 49 inches in overall length. This is the 55-1/2 inch in overall length version. It has the full-length 39 inch barrel with a bore size of .677 caliber which translates to a 17.2mm bore. Inside the barrel, it looks like a dirty stovepipe and has traces of the original rifling still visible and it is the version with the four narrow grooves. The gun has the serial number of 181, and the complete number is found both on the top of the breech and on the trigger plate tang. The balance of the parts are marked with the last two numbers, 81. These numbers are found on the rear of the breech face, on the rear of the upper tang, on the left side of the hammer neck, on the top of the buttplate, on the triggerguard, on both ramrod pipes and on the heads of all of the screws. The barrel has the original finely crafted front sight intact. At the breech of the barrel it has the correct proof mark stampings. What makes this gun so special is the design of the lockplate and the hammer. The mechanism of the lockplate are inside of the wood stock. The center of the hammer has the hole so that you can peep through it to align with the front sight to aim the gun. This is why it is referred to by the collectors as the "Cyclops". The stock on this gun has a beautiful ancient attic look all over with the flat panel sides. It has a fine grain and on the front side of the shoulderstock it has the crown stamping still partially visible. On the back side of the shoulderstock it has the raised cheek piece. These guns were made by Carl Phillip Crause of Herzberg Germany and it is so marked by them on the strap behind the hammer. It is finely engraved in script letters "Crause in Harzberg". The mechanics of the lock still work crisply. The gun has iron furniture for the buttplate and sling swivels but is adorned with the brass for the triggerguard and ramrod channel guides as well as the brass nose cap. The barrel is held in place on the stock by the two studs with the brass escutcheons. Underneath the barrel, it has the original ramrod. This is a cool interesting gun and is only the third one I have been able to offer in my 30+ years in the business.

Item #: C292
Shipping Weight: 30 lbs
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