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COUNTERFEIT! 1863 Dated Confederate State of Louisiana $1,000 Bond
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What a neat piece! This is a Civil War period counterfeit of a Confederate State of Louisiana $1,000 savings bond. These were produced to basically steal money and to help collapse the Confederate and Louisiana Government. This one is Bogus Bond XX1 bond in Criswell's currency series Volume 2 in 1979 guide. He tells how these were evidently printed but never made it into circulation. They are evidently quite rare because it is the first one that I have ever been able to offer and in the 1979 value guide, he lists them at $250. As for the piece itself, it is beautifully designed with the equestrian statue of Andrew Jackson in the upper left and the Louisiana pelican state seal on the right hand side. Below the pelican it has the banner that reads "I LIVE & DIE FOR THOSE THAT I LOVE." It has the image of the woman's head in the lower center of the top. This one has the small interest coupons intact on the bottom of the bond body.It is printed on a heavy paper and was never signed or attempted to be issued. What a great piece of Louisiana history!

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