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Single Shot Percussion Pistols
Scarce Model 1855 Springfield Pistol Carbine With 1856 Production Date
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Here is a gun that you seldom get a chance to own! It is the scarce model 1855 pistol from the Springfield arsenal. This one has the remnants of the Springfield Arsenal marking on the lockplate as well as the "US" marking. Behind the hammer, it has the 1856 production date still visible. These model 1855 pistols have a very distinct feature that separates them from other guns. It is the way that they were designed with the door to hold the Maynard primer tape rolls. These Maynard rolls were to be used instead of percussion caps. They would feed up through the top and go over the nipple much like a cap pistol design today. The action catches on both positions with the hammer. The internal parts of the primer feed were removed long ago. The door is present and you can see the eagle stamping on the front of the door. The small clip that holds the door closed has been lost to the ages. The .58 caliber barrel is full-length at 12 inches and has the correct style front intact. At the breech of the barrel you can still see the "VP" stamps as well as the eagle head stamping. On the tang of the barrel it has the 1855 production date of the barrel. At the breech of the barrel it has the very nice original flip up sight intact. The stock has a dark tone with even wear all over. These guns were designed to use with a shoulder stock (missing) and it has the notches out of the backstrap to allow for one. The wood on this gun has a dark color to the walnut wood that displays quite well. These guns have a great look with the brass on the grip cap, triggerguard, barrel band and nose cap. On the grip cap it has the "10" stamped into the brass. At one time the shoulder stock would have had the same number so you would know which stock fit which gun. The ramrod and sling swivel are the correct original that still function. This one is a nice looking and affordable example of the desirable model 1855 Springfield pistol.

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