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Misc. Non-Excavated
Very Cool Design Brass Spur With the Boot Strap Remaining From Spur Book
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Here is a fine non-excavated cavalry spur. This is one of the exact spurs that is pictured and described on page 73 of the fine spur book by Dr. Bob Baird entitled Confederate, US and Other Civil War Used Spurs. He explains how this is a spur of the style that is referred to as a private purchased spur because many different variations were sold to the well to do soldiers. This one is interesting because of the wide design of the rowel neck. It also has the hole at the base of the neck so it could have been nailed in place for extra stability. Baird also notes that by the placement of the spur strap, it would have been worn upside-down. This is a gorgeous looking spur! On the back of the spur legs it has both the strap loops holes intact. It has a beautiful non-excavated patina with a untouched color to the brass. The spur is in fine non-excavated condition for its age. This is a great looking spur from all angles!

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