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Original Revolvers From The Colt Firearms Company
Misc. Non-Excavated
Wonderful Original Shipping Crate for 1200 Colt .36 Navy Revolver Cartridges
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Here is such a great piece! This is an original wooden crate for shipping Colt revolver cartridges. It has both of the original handles on the sides. Each side has the marking to let you know what kind of ammunition was inside. Each side is stenciled "1200 CARTRIDGES" along the top and below the handle it has "WITH CAPS . Cal. .36 Ch. 17 GRS. / COLT'S NAVY PISTOL". On the non-handle side it has the stencil from the factory that reads "JOHNSON & DOW / CARTRIDGE MANUFACTURERS / 170 BROADWAY, N.Y." A thing that is interesting about this one is that it was used after the cartridge us. It has pencil that reads "99 Cart Box Plates / 99 Belt Plates". This pencil was probably added at one of the Civil War surplus sellers like Bannerman or Stokes Kirk. The crate measures 15-1/2 inches by 10 inches and stands 5 inches tall. The lid has been lost to the ages. This is a fantastic piece to display with your .36 caliber Colt revolver!

Item #: C75
Shipping Weight: 8 lbs
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