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Swords Used by the Officers Priced at Over $750
Authentic Artifacts from the Revolutionary War Era thru About 1840
A.W. Spies Gold Etched Blade U.S. Militia Sword with Brass Scabbard
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Here is a cool looking early sword. This is an original U.S. militia sword that was retailed by the New York firm of A.W. Spies. Spies was a maker and retailer of fine quality military items from the early to middle 1800's. This one is crafted with a 28 inch blade and measures 32-1/2 inches in overall length. The blade is made with a single edge spear point blade with wide single off-center fullers to entire length of blade on both sides. It has the gilded brass hilt with the cast acanthus and filigree motifs to backstrap, pommel, and crossguard langets. These designs give it a cool look. The hilt of the sword also features a grooved grip covered with sharkskin, as well as braided and straight wire wrapping. The sword blade features the desirable A.W. Spies banner as well as the patriotic motifs inlaid in gold to both sides of blade. Along the spine of blade it is marked with a stamped "17". The sword is accompanied by the brass scabbard with double hangers and engravings of a patriotic eagle/shield between the mounts. The scabbard has the brass throat and mounts and rings intact as well as the drag on the bottom. The sword doesn't fit all the way down into the scabbard as you can see in the images. This is a cool looking sword with the desirable A.W. Spies retailer marking.

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