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Authentic Civil War Artillery Shells & Cannonballs
NEAT! 12# Borman Pattern Cannonball With Modern Made Sabot & Straps
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This is a great display. I bought these out of the estate of a shop teacher in Ohio. He taught his students about the Civil War and this was one of his projects. He had original Civil War cannonballs and taught them about them by having them make modern copies of the wooden sabot and straps. The straps are possibly original as well as Bannerman's of New York were selling surplus ones of them and they are very well crafted. The sabot is definitely modern. As you see they make a wonderful display to show how they looked when they were new. This is the pattern that at one time would have had the Borman style time fuze at the top but is now missing. These Borman balls were widely used by both sides throughout the Civil War in the 4.62 inch diameter cannon better known to collectors as the 12#er. You can still see in the fuse hole that this is one of the ones that were made without the balls on the inside so it was were designed to have the body break apart when the ball blew up. The iron of the ball has a cool look. This is a nice looking ball with a new sabot.

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