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Authentic Confederate Manufactured or Used Swords and Firearms of the Civil War
Confederate Imported Enfield Rifle with "J" Mark & Numbered Buttplate
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If you have wanted an original Civil War Confederate used Enfield rifle without spending $10,000, then this one is for you. This is the classic three band Enfield pattern military rifle that was imported from England for use by the Confederate soldiers. What makes this one special is the markings that let us know it's purely Confederate in usage. On the top of the brass butt plate it has the engraved "9526" numbers. According to the Enfield experts this would be one of the guns in the first shipments that made it into Confederate hands. In front of the buttplate tang, it has the stamped letter "J" that stands for the furnisher for the gun for Confederate Purchaser, James. On the front flat of the shoulder stock, it has the matching and correct C.W. James maker marking. By that marking, it has the beautifully carved initials of "H.F.N." in block letters. On the back side of the stock, it has another set of initials "A.F.W." The original 1861 dated Enfield lock plate from the Tower Arsenal is intact. The mechanics of the lock plate catches on both positions. The barrel is full-length at 39 inches in length. At the breach of the gun we see the stampings "*25*25*" which lets us know it's .577 caliber in bore diameter. The barrel has the original front is intact and rear sight has been lost to the ages. The stock of the gun has a rich medium color all over. It has a repair to the wrist as you can see in the images. The gun has a replacement reproduction ramrod in the channel under the barrel. This is a very good-looking, well worn Enfield rifle and you know this one was in southern hands during the war.

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