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Authentic Civil War Artillery Shells & Cannonballs
Rare Dug Tredegar Pattern Confederate Made Read Shell With Iron Sabot Intact
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This is a cool looking Confederate cannon shell. This is the 2.9 inch version of the Confederate made Read shell that is illustrated on page 247 of the 1993 edition of the artillery shell book by Dickey & George. They are very similar to the Yankee made Parrott shell. The Confederate made ones have the copper fuse holder at the top and also have the lathe knob on the side. These lathe knobs are often referred to by collectors as the Lathe "Dog". Some of the original copper fuse holder sleeve is remaining inside the hole at the top of the shell. What is so cool about this one is that when it was fired the iron sabot at the base expanded and you can see the rifling from the cannon. The sabot is constructed as a separate piece from the body of the shell. As you see, when this one was fired, the force of the blast chipped off a small piece of the lower shell body. This is the pattern of Read that is often referred to by collectors as the Tredegar read after the Tredegar Iron Works Foundry in Richmond, Virginia. It is thought that Tredegar is where these projectiles were manufactured. This is a very cool Confederate projectile that has a lot of cool traits to show your friends.

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