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Lehman Conversion 1843 Dated Nippes of Mill Creek Pennsylvania .69 Caliber Musket
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This is a very attractive gun. It is an original .69 caliber Springfield Arsenal musket. The lockplate of the gun has a crystal clear maker firm of D. Nippes of Mill Creek, PA. According to Flayderman's guide Nippes made only 5,100 of these muskets, and only made them from 1842 until 1848. The lockplate has the Makers Mark of Nippes of Philadelphia still visible in front of the hammer. Behind the hammer it has the 1843 production date. The action works crisply on each position. When these guns left the factory in 1843 they were made as a flintlock and were converted later on so they could still be used when the flintlock system was replaced by the percussion system. This is one that was converted by the firm of Lehman of Philadelphia. They cut off the breech of the barrel and added their distinctive style bolster. Many of them were used by soldiers on both sides during the Civil War because it is what they had in the local and state arsenals when the war broke out. The barrel is full-length at 42 inches. On the underside of the gun it still has one of the two original sling swivels. In the channel underneath the barrel it has a nicely made reproduction ramrod. The stock has an attractive look to the American Walnut wood. On the flat of the stock opposite of the lockplate you can still see part of the inspector cartouches where the gun was approved for military service. This is an attractive displaying .69 caliber musket from the D. Nippes with the Lehman Conversion.

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