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Authentic Cartridge Boxes
Authentic Civil War Era Cartridge Box For the .56 Caliber Spencer Carbine or Rifle
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This is a very good looking original Civil War era cartridge box for a cavalry carbine. This is the version that has the wooden block on the inside that has the drilled out spaces for carbine cartridges. This one fit's the .56 caliber Spencer carbine cartridges perfectly. It holds the 20 rounds of Spencer ammunition for the cavalryman. The leather is still nice and pliable. It has the brass finial intact on the bottom of the box but is missing the original roller buckles. The closure tab is present and goes over the finial easily. When you open up the outer flap of the box you can see the inner compartment that was designed to hold the gun tools and implements is still nicely intact. The inner flap has the correct Civil War maker's mark of the Hoover & Calhoun firm of New York City still visible. On the back of the box it has both of the original belt loops still present and are nice enough to go back onto the belt. The last couple of images show how a .56 Spencer looks in the wooden block. This is a nice looking original Civil War era cavalry carbine cartridge box for a Spencer carbine or rifle.

Item #: B8614
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