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Swords Used by the Navy Branch of Service
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Original Civil War Buff Leather Belt "Frog" For an 1860 Ames Naval Cutlass
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This is a very tough to find item! It is an original leather belt frog for a Civil War navy cutlass. This is the piece that went on the sailor's belt to attach the model 1860 naval cutlass. The leather scabbard that went on the sword had a stud device in the leather that went through the hole on the side of the frog opening. On the back side of the frog, you can see some of the Naval Yard arsenal markings. This one is 100% complete and in fine used but not abused condition. The buff leather has stiffened over the years but I think it is still pliable enough to put the scabbard in position. You very seldom see these offered these days and this one is nice.

Item #: B8444
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