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Swords Used by Various Branches of Service
Authentic Artifacts from the Revolutionary War Era thru About 1840
Wonderful 1600's Germanic Broadsword with 34-3/4ths Inch Blade
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Here is a cool looking very early sword! This is a long bladed sword that would be Germanic in origin. It would have been made in the 1600's using a blade that is 34-3/4th inches with an overall length of 40-1/2 inches. It is crafted using an iron hilt that has the stylish double lobe knuckle bow that is screwed to the pommel. The pommel has a slight wobble that is mentioned for exactness. On the handle it has the twisted wire-wrapped wooden grip that sports a turks head ferrule with a fine look. On the back side of the handle it has the thumb ring. It has the full length straight double-edged blade with three thin fullers. This one looks like it would look great hanging on a castle wall!

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