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Authentic Pieces of Confederate Currency
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COUNTERFEIT! 1861 Dated Confederate $20 Note With Sailing Ship Design
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Here is a very nice looking note! This is an original Civil War counterfeit of the Confederate States of America $20.00 bill issued from Richmond, Virginia on September 2nd 1861. Even during the War, the crooks were out in full force. They were making copies of currency and some of them were nicely done like this one. The Counterfeit $20 is unlisted in Tremmel and has a completely non-genuine plate letter format of I-A 20. This is one of the most beautifully designed notes ever made by the Confederacy. It has the tall mast sailing ship in the center with the sails full of wind and the waves whipping below the ship. On the left hand side it has the sailor in uniform with the masts of a ship slightly visible behind him. The note is correctly hand signed and numbered and is in circulated condition. This is the version listed as CT-18 in Criswell's Confederate Currency book. It is a great looking note and comes in an acid free holder for preservation and display.

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