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Authentic Pieces of Confederate Currency
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COOL! $2.00 1864 Note by Printer of Confederate Currency Keatinge & Ball
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If you collect Confederate or Civil War currency then this is a must have. It is a scarce original 1864 dated $2.00 note that was issued from the famous printing company, Keatinge & Ball. Yes, that is the same company that printed so many of the famous Confederate, state and local bank notes in the South. You see many of the notes that they printed but very few of the notes that they guaranteed. If you notice, they note that the amount is "Payable on demand in Confederate Treasury notes when the sum of Ten Dollars is presented." Along the top edge it has the date of issuance of March 15th 1864. A portrait of a young boy is at upper left. Jefferson is in the center of the right end. The note is only printed on one side which is why they are called "Uniface" by collectors. The note is in attractive well-worn shape but is real and is a great piece of history from one of the companies that kept the Southern money flowing during the Civil War.

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