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Authentic Pieces of Confederate Currency
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Nicely Priced Authentic 1864 C.S. $100 Bond With Equstrian Scene CR142
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This a great looking beautifully designed original Confederate States of America savings bond. This is an original C.S. bond and it was to be issued for the sum of $100.00. This is the 1864 issue that has the Confederate Equestrian figure in the center of the top which is the great seal of the Confederacy. On the left hand side of the bond it has the image of "JUSTICE" and on the right hand side it has "LIBERTY". This one has all 60 of the original interest coupons attached at the bottom. When the date on the coupon arrived that is printed on the bottom of the coupon you could cash it in for your interest payment, if the Confederacy would have won. The bond is hand signed and numbered in fine old ink. This bond is 100% authentic in all regards. Also on the lower left hand corner of the back is the red ink stamp of the Confederate Treasury Department. These were engraved by J. Archer of Richmond, Virginia and were printed by the Evans & Cogswell firm of Columbia, South Carolina. It is the pattern listed as CR142 in the Criswell Bond book and as B296 in the Ball book on Confederate Bonds. The printed 9,500 of these bonds and this one is number 7,559. It has some wear to the top section and is priced accordingly. This is a great looking bond for your office or relic room wall.

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