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Autographs - Confederate
Confederate Sec. of Treasury C.G. Memminger Letter on Treasury Dept. Stationary
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Here is an interesting original Civil War letter from the Confederate Sec. of the Treasury, Christopher G. Memminger. Memminger was born on January 9, 1803 in Wurttemberg, Germany. His father was a soldier in Germany and after his death he and his mother moved to Charleston, South Carolina. In 1819 he graduated from South Carolina College. He went into the law profession and was elected to the state legislature in 1836. He was one of the people that helped write the provisional Constitution for the Confederacy and was appointed by Confederate President Jefferson Davis to the office of Sec. of the Treasury. He served in this office until June 15, 1864. He then retired to flat rock, North Carolina. After the war he returned to Charleston where he practiced law again. He died on March 7, 1888. This letter was written from the "Treasury Dept." in Richmond and is dated from October 22nd 1862. It is addressed to "L.L. Loving, Esq." In the letter, Memminger states "You are hereby employed for one month as clerk in this Department with a salary at the rate of one hundred dollars per annum. You will report yourself to the Comptroller." He boldly signs the letter in ink "C.G. Memminger." and adds his title of Secretary of the Treasury. The autograph is accompanied by the original envelope with the Treasury Department marking. It also has a an modern xerox image of Memminger. The paper letter that the autograph is on measures 8 inches by 10 inches in the matting. It is ready to hang on the wall of your relic room. This is a great historic document.

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