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Authentic Civil War Artillery Shells & Cannonballs
Very Scarce Excavated 4.4 Inch Schenkl Shell With Percussion Fuse Intact
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This is a tough to find version of Civil War artillery shell. This is an excavated 4.4 inch diameter projectile for the rifled 30#er Dahlgren rifled cannon. This is the version of the Schenkl pattern shell that is illustrated and described on page 364 of the jack Bell book. Civil War Heavy Explosive Ordnance. They are very distinctive because of the tapered style back section with the rounded back instead of the usual knob on the end. At the top of the shell it has the original Schenkl style percussion fuse. It was disarmed years ago by drilling through the side. The body of the shell has nice looking iron that has been cleaned long ago for display and preservation but it has flaked and will be flaking some more and it is priced accordingly. This artifact was found years ago in the area of Port Hudson, Louisiana. During the Civil War Port Hudson was one of the most important strategic sites in the Western Theater of operations. For 48 days in 1863 the area was under siege by the Union artillery. The reason that the Confederates fought so desperately to hold the area is that they knew when it fell into the Union hands that the North would have control of the Mississippi River.

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