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Civil War Hewes & Phillips Conversion of a .69 Caliber Starr Flintlock
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This is a neat looking Civil War gun. It is an excellent complete and original Civil War Conversion musket done by the famous firm of Hewes & Phillips of Newark, New Jersey. At the outbreak of the Civil War the U.S. Government had a tough decision to make. Should they buy new weapons or just convert the old flintlocks that were in the arsenals? They did both. This is one of the ones the government converted from flintlock to percussion. This gun started out life as a .69 caliber military rifle from the firm of Nathan Starr of Middletown, Connecticut. Star is best known for his swords and saber but he also made many quality weapons such as this one. According to Flayderman Starr only made 15,530 of these military rifles and made them from 1829 until 1840. This one has the traces of the 1831 production date on the lockplate. In front of the hammer, it would have originally had the beautifully designed Starr mark and Middletown production location, but you can no longer see the marking. This is one of the 1st types of conversions that were done by Hewes & Phillips in Newark, New Jersey. It would have originally had their "H&P" marking on the breech of the barrel as well as the "1861" date of the conversion. On the flat of the stock it has a very nicely carved "QF" lettering. It also has the "NJ" stamping still partially visible. This along with the "NJ" at the base of the barrel let us know that this is one of the guns that they converted and rifled and they put the rear sight on. You can still see most of the lands and grooves of the rifling all the way down the barrel. In the channel underneath the barrel it has a modern made replacement ramrod. Both of the sling swivels are present as well. The walnut wood stock has a deep dark ancient tone look with a beautiful untouched appearance. On the flat of the stock opposite of the lockplate you can see the remnants of the small oval cartouche where the gun was inspected by the inspector. This is a great gun that we know is Civil War because of the Hewes & Phillips conversion.

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