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Authentic Civil War Artillery Shells & Cannonballs
Neat 1/2 Sectioned 12# Wood Fuse Civil War Cannonball with Polygonal Cavity
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This is a neat piece for your artillery collection. It is an original 4.62 inch diameter cannon also known as the 12# Civil War cannonball that has been cut in half. We have one half of the shell and it displays quite well as you can see. This is the version of the shell that has the open center that would have held only the powder charge to make it blow apart. What makes this one stand apart from the others is the design of the cavity. The Confederates utilized a polygonal style cavity in an attempt to make the shell explode more evenly. As you can imagine this wasn't a simple designed to make so therefore there are relatively few of them compared to the regular open round cavity cannon shells. On the top of the ball it has the opening where it would have originally had the original wooden paper fuze holder. It makes a superb display piece and if you still smoke it would make a great ashtray.

Item #: B7486
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