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Authentic Confederate Manufactured or Used Swords and Firearms of the Civil War
Misc. Non-Excavated
Double "NC" Carved Stock 1863 Dated .577 Caliber Civil War Enfield Military Rifle
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This is an attractive gun that I wish could talk! It is an original Civil War Enfield pattern .577 caliber rifle. This is the Civil War production made in England like would have been brought through the blockade. It has the 1863 date of production on the lockplate to go along with the "TOWER" arsenal stamp and also the British crown stamp. The action works crisply on all positions. The barrel is full-length and has the British proof marks clearly visible at the breech. The stamps include the "*25*25*" that denotes the bore of the gun as being .577 in caliber. It has the original front sight still nicely intact and it has the base for the long range rear sight with the leaf lost to the ages. The gun has both of the two sling swivels remaining. It has a nicely modern made full-length Enfield ramrod in the channel underneath the barrel that displays well. The stock has a very pretty dark tone to the wood that makes it very appealing. On the flat of the front of the shoulder stock has the stamping of the Birmingham Small Arms Trade still faintly visible. There are also the remnants of the markings behind the triggerguard which could be Southern import marking but you can't see enough to say for sure. One thing that makes this gun stand out is that in two places it is deeply carved with the letters "NC". Now it is possible that these are initials but in my optimistic opinion, this is a North Carolina used Enfield. You can tell that the letters were carved eons ago during the time of use. This is a very attractive looking Civil War 1863 dated Enfield pattern rifle with clear "NC" markings.

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