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Authentic Cartridge Boxes
Rough But Real Civil War Carbine Cartridge Box by Dingee & Lorigan
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This is a nice original Civil War cartridge box for the Spencer pattern cavalry carbine. We know that it is for Carbines like the Spencer because of the size of the holes drilled into the original wooden block on the innermost compartment of the leather box. The Civil War cartridges I put in the block were too small so I don['t really know what it was intended for use with. The leather has stiffened over the years but you can still raise the flaps. The outer flap still has the original closure tab present and in fine shape. When you raise the outer flap, you are greeted by the remnants of the maker's mark of the New York firm of Dingee & Lorigan. In the maker's book they state that they produced carbine cartridge boxes several contracts for the US Government. They had an Army contract on August 31st 1863 and May 12th 1864 for 5,000 boxes on each date. They made 18,550 more cartridge boxes from May 18th 1864 until June of 1865. They didn't make any after the Civil War according to records. The implement pouch is still present as well on the inside. It has both of the roller buckles still present. On the back of the box it has had the double belt loops removed and replaced with a single loop strap. This is a very nice looking Civil War cavalry carbine cartridge box.

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