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Very Scarce U.S.A. Medical Department Civil War Surgeon's Kit
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Here is a fantastic Civil War medical piece! This is the Civil War surgeon's kit and it is the rare version that was made specifically for the military. You occasionally see the standard kits but it is rare that you get an opportunity to own one of the military versions. This one was made by the Philadelphia firm of Snowden. It has his marking on many of the instruments themselves. This kit is the large size that is made out of wood that appears to be mahogany. It has the outer dimensions that measure 17 inches wide and stands 4-1/4th inches tall and is 6 inches deep. These military cases are designed with the brass edge covers because they were used int he field and would have been moved and needed to be more durable than the average kit. On the lid of the casing, it has the inlaid brass oval that proudly reads "U.S.A. Medical Department" in beautiful jeweler quality letters. When you open up the case you see that it is the larger kit that has multiple layers. The first layer you see has form fitted opening that would have held the four different sizes of flesh cutting blades but they are gone and replaced with the long probes for location bullets inside the soldiers bodies. When you raise that tray you see the capital saw that was used for removing limbs. It also has the pair of original tourniquet as well as the Trephine skull tool that was used for relieving pressure on the brain. There is also the pair of tools for removing the bullets. When you remove the top cover you see a few open spaces but it still retains the smaller size bone saw and another bullet removal tool. There is also the compartment for the thread and a small brush. You can tell that this one was actually used and has a fantastic look. Don't miss your opportunity to own such an amazing U.S.A. Military Department surgeon's kit.

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