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Swords Used by the Officers Priced at Over $750
Authentic Artifacts from the Revolutionary War Era thru About 1840
PUBLISHED! Revolutionary War British Officer's Sword by Harvey From Medicus Collection
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If you have always wanted a wonderful original Revolutionary War sword with a cool collection history, then wait no more. This is a great original British Brass-Hilted Foot Officers' Sword. This one came form one of the most famous sword collections of all time., the Philip Medicus Collection. In 1955 Mr. Medicus died and his collection of over 800 swords in fine condition and of all types were placed on the market for the huge sum of $21,500. Remember, as he states in the book that a brand new 2 bedroom house could be bought at the time for $9,500. The collection was purchased by Norm Flayderman, who documented the pieces and eventually put the vast majority of them in the book, American Swords. This is one of the exact swords from the collection and is the one illustrated as figure 77c on pages 162 and 163. The book in the pics is my copy and doesn't go with this sword. You will have to find one. The weapon measures 31-1/2 inches in overall length. It is crafted with the well made single-edge, slightly-curved 25 1/4-inch blade. The blade has the two narrow fullers on each side. Along the spine of the blade it is marked "HARVEY", who was a well-known Birmingham maker. The gun has the original brass hand guard with the wheel style detail work. One thing that makes the sword really stand out is the pommel cap. It is crafted from brass and made like the head of a Lion. On the handle of the sword, it has the leather covered wooden grip with twisted wire wrap. The sword comes with the original lot tag from the Philip Medicus' American sword collection which states that it was "Verified" by Norm Flayderman on July 17th 1956. This is an exceptional sword with a wonderful pedigree.

Item #: B7254
Price: $4,950.00 USD (Sale Pending)
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