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Medical Items from the Civil War Era
Misc. Non-Excavated
AMAZING HISTORICAL PIECE! Hand Made Crutch Made With A Frock Coat Lining
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I wish that this piece could talk! This is an original hand made wooden crutch with the padding that is constructed from frock coat lining. You can picture the officer having to make the crutch and using the lining out of a coat for the padding for the armpit. The piece has an overall length of 48-1/2 inches. Across the top it has the crutch pad that has the width of 6-3/4th inches. They put the frock coat padding that has a width that is approximately 5 inches. You can tell that they had to use it quite a bit. This is a looking Civil War-period wooden crutch enhanced by a makeshift frock coat pad. This piece shows how they had to improvise during the horrors of War.

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