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Maryland Presentation! Gorgeous Blade Cavalry Officer Saber by Clauberg
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Here is a great looking presentation Civil War cavalry officer's saber in scabbard carried by a Maryland soldier. This one was carried by John Wesley Kraft. Kraft is sometimes recorded as enlisting August 10, 1861, which may actually be the date of muster of the company he eventually commanded, not his own. His first certain record is in the 1st Maryland Heavy Artillery, US, mustering in April 28, 1864, as 2nd Lieutenant of Company A. The regiment did not complete its organization, however, and Kraft transferred with recruits for it into Cole’s Cavalry, a battalion of 4 companies that had expanded into a full regiment, the "First Maryland Home Brigade Cavalry," becoming Captain of Company H on October 8, 1864. That unit had very active service, credited with more than 80 skirmishes and battles during the war. By the time Kraft joined it they had been serving under Sheridan in the Shenandoah Valley against General Jubal Early and he replaced an officer killed in action. His record shows him to have been present into January 1865, and he would have been present for duty in West Virginia when his unit was operating against Mosby and guarding the Baltimore and Ohio Railroads. He was later placed on court-martial duty, but present in February and March, and then on Special Duty at Brigade Headquarters in late April 1865. He mustered out with the regiment June 28, 1865, at Harpers Ferry. The regiment lost 2 officers and 45 enlisted men killed and mortally wounded, as well as 2 officers and 120 enlisted men died by disease. He was born in 1842, worked as a clerk in both excavation and oil companies after the war, and died in Baltimore in 1905. Kraft’s saber is inscribed between the upper and middle mounts and reads "Presented to / CAPT. J.W. KRAFT / BY CHARLES VANPELT / Sept. 28th 1864.". Once unsheathed, the wonderfully frosted blade decorations are revealed. The obverse features a small frosted vignette which contains a variety of scrollwork just above the plain ricasso. A slight gap in the decorations leads to a larger vignette which contains scrollwork that flanks a nicely detailed spread winged eagle that is perched on a banner which reads "E PLURIBUS UNUM" The reverse blade features similar decorations with the eagle being replaced by the bold letters "U.S." with intricate scrolls contained in the letters. The reverse ricasso is marked "W. CLAUBERG / SOLINGEN" around the signature Clauberg knight. The hilt is also attractive, and features the standard 3-band cavalry guard which is nicely cast and decorated with laurel leaves at the top. The guard terminates with a wide quillon area that features floral decorations on the underside. The laurel leaves flank a patriotic shield on the pommel which lead to a domed cap. The sword grip features the classic Model 1840 swelled center, wrapped in high quality sharkskin with grooves that accommodate twisted brass wire. The scabbard compliments the sword and is constructed of nickel-plated brass and features mounts lush with oak leaves and acorns. The upper and middle mounts each accommodate a carry ring. This is an impressive looking sword with a rock solid identification. A must have for any Maryland collector!

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