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Single Shot Percussion Pistols
Authentic Artifacts from the Revolutionary War Era thru About 1840
MONKEY TRIGGERGUARDS! Pair of .54 Caliber Lion Hammer Pistol by Lemberg
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Here is a cool looking matching pair of single shot pistols! This is a matching pair of pistols from the mid-1800's. These percussion pistols fire a bullet of .54 caliber from the smooth bore barrels that measure 10-3/4th inches. The barrels are designed round on the front with the breech being octagonal. Along the top, each barrel has the engraved "LEMBERG" which is now known as Lviv, Poland. These guns are finely crafted with the ornate front action lockplates. One lockplate is marked with Lemberg and the other is marked with "S. PILGER" which would be the maker. The mechanics of both lockplates still work just as they should. One thing I loke about these guns is that the hammers are designed int he shape of Lion heads with cool detail work. The stocks of the guns are crafted from a single piece of dark wood with the ornate hand checkered grips. On the bottom of the squared grips, they have the detail engraved iron grip caps. The thing that I like the most about these guns are the triggerguards. You see that each of the triggerguards are engraved with the image of of the monkey. The monkeys have a cool look as you can see. What a cool looking design from all angles.

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